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We believe that getting to know the people we work for is essential. We will happily visit you at your home or site to discuss your requirements and get a detailed idea of exactly what you need. When it comes to quotations we aim to be as accurate and thorough the first time so as to avoid further cost and upset during the project- so having that initial chat is so important. Every project is unique and has specific requirements. Whatever you need, we aim to advise and deliver a quote that is both competitive and thorough.

Our team has many years of experience supporting clients with the planning process. We have worked on many commercial and domestic projects so have experience of the planning processes for both building types. We will feed into the planning process by providing a feasibility study to ensure any planned work complies with all necessary regulation.

If you are wanting to make structural changes to an existing property then the loads need to be supported. We can design the necessary support to ensure the loads are transferred safely to the foundations. We understand that engineering can be a little complex and technical, so when we first discuss a project we’ll ensure we explain everything clearly and in straightforward terms.

Building Regulations

Building Regulations are standards that apply to all buildings to make sure they are safe, habitable and constructed to meet minimum technical standards.

Building Regulations are applicable to most building works and are implemented through the instruction of a Building Control Inspector (either Local Authority or Private Approved Inspector). Prior to the start of the project the inspector reviews the submitted proposals and designs to ensure they meet the standards set out in the Building Regulations Documents. They will then inspect the construction as it progresses, ensuring the technical standards are met at all stages during the build. At the end of the project, they will provide a Final Certificate of the works to show that the necessary standards have been met.

Additionally, Build Over / Build Near Agreements are required when you propose to build over or near to a public drain.

All shared drains are now considered public and come under the control of the applicable Water Company.

In this situation an application for approval must be made to the Water Company to ensure protection of the drain during the build, and to ensure that future maintenance can be carried out to the drain without damage to your property.


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