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A loft conversion is a fantastic way to increase your living space and a far more price efficient way of doing so as opposed to the stress and cost of moving property.

For example, in the case of a smaller property, you could use a loft conversion as an additional bedroom or even office space, and this can be done without going down the route of a full house extension. More space upstairs means avoiding issues such as not having enough room or planning permission required to build an extension.

It’s well worth remembering that a loft conversion will also increase the value of your property, which means it can be a great investment if you need to expand your living space but also may be looking to sell further down the line.

We've built and transformed more than 200 loft conversions that have en suite bathrooms and include either standard Velux windows, dormer loft conversions or gable loft conversions.

A loft conversion can be a lot cheaper than an extension as it does not involve major structural work in the way that an extension usually would. Bear in mind also that unlike with some traditional house extension work, you won’t be losing any outside space such as a portion of the garden or yard.


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