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Groundwork is the essential preparation required on the ground before construction can take place.

It refers to the preparation of sub-surfaces in order for construction works to start, and represents the foundations upon which everything else is built. Groundworks are the cornerstone and starting point of any construction project. The only action that might take place before the commencement of groundworks is the demolition of pre-existing structures in order to make way for the new build.

The first step our team will carry out in a groundworks project is an investigation. During this phase, it’s critical to establish past uses for the land and highlight any potential stability issues or any other problems that might arise.

Site clearance usually happens next. The land and topsoil must be cleared and if required the site may need to be levelled to ensure that the subsequent construction works take place on an even footing. If needed, unnecessary items that may obstruct construction will be cleared during this process.

Key items of work our groundworks team will carry out:


The cornerstone and starting point of any construction job

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